And with the diploma came the dreaded ‘and what’s next?’ My ‘what’s next’ is clear, for the short term. A master’s degree. But the ‘what’s next’ also, as expected, filled me with existential dread. Am I doing enough? What do I do? I feel like the high-school Noa who wished to be an actress is … Continue reading Kitchrie


Compassion in the Academia (or, why I don’t think I’d make a good academic)

One of the hardest, most frustrating classes I took during my undergraduate degree is ‘Critical Issues in Israeli Society and Politics’. The material or work load were not difficult for me, but rather I found myself frustrated time and time again how the course that claims to ‘criticise’ is really anything but. For European students … Continue reading Compassion in the Academia (or, why I don’t think I’d make a good academic)

על חוק הלאום

לנפתול, מירי, ביבי, אורן וכל החברים, נכון, אני סמולנית בוגדת. אבל אני אוהבת את המדינה שלנו ולפעמים גם גאה בה. את המדינה הזו סבא וסבתא רבא שלי בנו מאפס, היגרו בשנות השלושים מרוסיה הלבנה, ברחו באישון לילה כדי שהבריטים לא יתפסו אותם, עזבו את כל מה שמוכר להם, את הנוחות של הבית והמשפחה, בשביל לממש … Continue reading על חוק הלאום

My Undergraduate Degree: Epilogue

When my plane landed in London City Airport on September 19, 2015, the sun was shining. I encouraged myself, thinking that this is London welcoming me (every since, every time my plane touched the London ground the sky has been, without fail, depressingly grey.) A recent high-school graduate, the little Smolaneet and her father left … Continue reading My Undergraduate Degree: Epilogue

War Child

Last week I was walking down the street on my way to run some errands. A guy wearing a t-shirt of some NGO caught my eye. ‘Miss, do you have a minute?’ Only then I got to read the logo. War Child. Thinking this will be interesting, I said ‘sure.’ He started like all of … Continue reading War Child

God Save the Queen

Like any average Israeli, I am obsessed with the news. I get notifications from three different news sources on my phone, follow endless politicians and journalists on Twitter, and, very much like any other Israeli, always associate the melody preceding the news report with a sense that something terribly wrong has happened. I know that … Continue reading God Save the Queen

Of Narratives, Media Coverage and PR

Two weeks ago, The Turban Times have published my first article. I’m very excited to share it with you. I received many positive feedbacks from family and friends, whose support has been pushing me forward constantly. But like any other article written about such a controversial topic, I received criticisms from both sides. I’ve written … Continue reading Of Narratives, Media Coverage and PR

כדור בראש

אחרי שראיתי את ואלס עם באשיר נשארתי ערה כל הלילה. הסרט רדף אותי. האנימציה, השירים, סיפורי הלוחמים, סצנת הפתיחה עם הזאבים והשיר "לבנון בוקר טוב". לא יכולתי להפריד בין מה שראיתי על המסך לחיים האמיתיים, והאכזריות האנושית גרמה לי לכאב כל כך מוחשי שיכולתי להרגיש אותו פיזית. בתור ילדה, הייתי בוכה כל יום שואה וכל … Continue reading כדור בראש

Passover Seder, Modesty and Orthodox Jews

‘So where are we doing Passover this year?’ I asked my dad on a Skype call back in late February. ‘Look…’ he said, implying an unpleasant message. ‘Your mum will have a business trip then, and so we decided to send your siblings to our family in Israel, I’ll be here alone, so… Suit yourself.’ … Continue reading Passover Seder, Modesty and Orthodox Jews

My Feminist Role-Model

When I sat on the hair-stylist’s chair a few weeks ago, I was struck by sudden bravery and asked her to cut my hair “as short as possible without creating frizz”. She obliged. I looked in the mirror and it suddenly struck me, for the first time in my life, how much I resemble my … Continue reading My Feminist Role-Model